Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honey Drops Body

(1 Reviews)

$ 19.50


Fragrance mood: energizing. Refreshing. Uplifting.


Denys Nilovich

  • So, I picked this up on sale for around $10. Typically I get the lotion version, but this was discounted and I really like the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea scent line in general, so I figured I'd try it out. This body cream is great - it's thick, moisturizing, and it has these cool little gold colored beads in it that melt in your palm when you rub it in. However, I prefer the scent of the the other products in this line (body lotion or scent spray) to the body cream - this is just a little bit sweeter than the former two. It's better as an out of the shower product than a daytime wear scent. I'd purchase it again though, and if you like fresher, almost citrusy scent profiles I'd recommend trying this out.

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