milk + honey Cream Deodorant

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$ 15.20


Fresh and dry. It actually works. arrowroot powder keeps you fresh and dry all day long.
Aromatic. With three blends to choose from, each scent profile smells incredible.
Aluminum-free and safe. By kicking your anti-perspirant to the curb, you’re committing to a deodorant that’s non-toxic, aluminum-free, and not tested on animals.
Clean. Made with organic, plant-based, premium ingredients.


Nina Poster

  • This is the best find I have made with regard to a natural non-toxic deodorant. I have tried quite a few over the years and have also made my own and have never found or made anything as effective and pleasant smelling as this. I also have sensitive skin and have reacted poorly to many other natural deodorants, but not this one, it actually feels soothing. I am so happy that I gave this a try. I am astonished when I go walking on the beach and am sweating profusely from the heat and I still smell like sweet vanilla. Awesome product!

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